Στέκα αμερικάνικου μπιλιάρδου Cuetec CDE-2, Μαύρη, 3/8x14

Στέκα αμερικάνικου μπιλιάρδου Cuetec CDE-2, Μαύρη, 3/8x14
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Στέκα αμερικάνικου μπιλιάρδου Cuetec  CDE-2, Μαύρη, 3/8x14ω


This extremely well-priced pool cue satisfies the highest of quality demands and is recommended by many players.

Its SST Super Slim Taper shaft is made of fine maple wood and features the special fiberglass coating technology, developed by cuetec. It gives the cue a very low frictional resistance for precise shots.

With its ornamental design in silver, the cue provides an elegant and lustrous appearance. The Demios comes with a very stable fiberglass ferrule that is equipped with a top quality Tiger Everest adhesive leather tip. The grip features a special coating that protects the cue from damaging effects. For a stable connection between the shaft and the butt it comes with a 3/8 x 14 stainless steel thread.

SST shaft, C.M.F. sealing

  • Tiger Everest tip
  • fiber ferrule
  • made of maple wood
  • SST taper
  • stainless steel joint


  • maple wood
  • modern design
  • no wrap
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