Which football is suitable for me?

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Which football is suitable for me?
Wooden football ... Classic wooden soccer ball, etc. So many names .....

Everybody is trying to say that the football they sell is the best they are; Here we will try to analyze the various models that exist and their differences.

Of course, we will not deal with footballers who have plastic players, because they are simply not wooden footballs, why should we analyze it in another article.

Let's start with the basics.

The carpet must be of Cork. See soccer cork

The diameter in the rods should be 16 mm as well as the jab for the players.

Both are corked one is with Rubber lacquer the other with Resin elastomeric coating what the difference;

The lacquer eraser was in the early stage of football, over time the resinous elastomeric coating, which has more durability, prevailed.